Sunday, October 30, 2011

Memo Board

Hi everybody. I hope you are all having a great weekend. I wanted to share a quick post about a memo board that happened by accident. It was initially supposed to be wall art for my daughter Natalie. I intended to put her name in vinyl letters on this canvas mod podged with gift wrap paper. Except that the paper was too thin and it came out very bumpy so I could not put the vinyl letters on smoothly. It sat for awhile and then I came up with this.

and here it is in her room.

So I finally decided to make a memo board. I hot glued ribbon ($1.99) across it and around the sides.

 The fleur de lis in the right corner was made by my friend Nicole (she is very crafty). I hot glued that also. I needed something to put on the spots where the ribbons crossed so I went to Michael's and I looked all over the place for just the right thing. I couldn't find anything in the scrapbook section, jewlery section or the wedding section. Just as I was about to give up i found these little pearl brads ($2.99). 

So I pulled off the clasps and glued them where the ribbons crossed. I had 4 left over so I glued them to flat gold thumbtacks and they fit perfectly. 
I also had a piece of scrap cork so I hot glued that to the back of one side of the canvas. 

I think it came out pretty cute. The wrinkles in the paper don't really show in person. 
Here it is again. 

I know I bought the canvas on sale at Michael's but I am not sure how much I spent. Maybe $5 dollars. I think it was buy one get one free. Anyway this is another project that cost less than $10. I hope you like it!
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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tray turned bedside table

This is a little night table I put together for my daughter Natalie. She has a daybed so I needed something small that is easy to move, when she has company and needs to pull out the trundle bed. I had this little black stool that I spray painted white. I found the tray for $2.00 at the thrift store. It was a hunter green color and had a halloween picture painted on the surface of the tray. So I sprayed that white also. Unfortunately, I don't have a before picture. But of course all that white was too plain, so I added some stenciling.

Here is the after.

 I found the stencil at home depot. It was one sheet that had 3 different patterns on it. I used regular acrylic paint from Michael's.

Here it is in her room.

Much better than white don't you think? I did not attach the tray to the seat in case I want to use them separately some day.
Total spent here was under $10. 

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Bubbles Baby Blanket

Hello everybody!

Tonight I am sharing a baby blanket I crocheted for my best friends twin boys. This one was pretty quick to make and it is really thick, because it is crocheted with 2 yarn strands at once. I used a P hook and it turned out great. I found the pattern at crochet pattern central. There a tons of free crochet and knit patterns there. Here is the link to the pattern I used.

I am a little challenged when it comes to sewing but I love to crochet. More crochet projects to come. They make great gifts and  are always cherished as they were made especially with that person in mind.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bathroom Reveal

So although I am not completely finished with this bathroom, it is probably the most finished room in the house. The pictures aren't the greatest so please bare with me. Here is the before:

The paint was mauve. Not my favorite.


Update: I changed the towels and added the mirror above the towels.

Amazing what paint can do. This is Behr Brown Tepee and I love it. 
 More storage would be great in this bathroom, but for now it will do. I would like one of those cabinets that stands over the toilet. The mirror over the sink was a thrift store find for $5.00. I sprayed it with Oil rubbed bronze spray paint. The same goes for the little mirrors over the toilet. I also sprayed the light fixture and the towel bar with the same paint, as well as the shower curtain rod, which was already oil rubbed bronze but had started to rust. I used stuff I already had  except for the hand soap dispenser, which was $7 at Ross and the shower curtain which was from Target. I think it was $20. I know, I know, I hear your gasps! But, you know when you get to that point when you first move into a new place and everything is a mess, and you just want one room (the guest bathroom) to be nice? Yeah well that was the point I was at when I bought the shower curtain. Oh I almost forgot I did replace the door handle because it was mismatched and the light switch to match everything else. I probably could have painted the white plastic light switch with ORB, but I liked the square shape of the new one. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bench Re-Do

Hi everybody. This is my first post and I have no idea what I am doing, so please be patient with me. I have been following several blogs for over a year now and I love all the great ideas! I was living in an apartment until recently and didn't want to invest money into decorating it completely. I just bought my first home and now I get to apply all (or most) of the great ideas that I have learned from following all of the blogs.

I have started with my daughters rooms and this particular chair/bench is for my youngest daughter Natalie's room. She is almost 13 and we are trying to go for a Parisian theme, but she was dying for something zebra print in her room. My good friend Nicole found not only the cutest unpainted vanity for her but this chair as well. Thanks Nicole!  Anyway here are the pictures.



The chair was $7.00 at a thrift store and I spent $13 at Joann's Fabrics for the material, foam and buttons. I spray painted it with Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint and painted the handles white with paint I already had. Not bad for $20!

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