Monday, November 14, 2011

Wall Stencil

Hi Everyone!

This is one of the projects I worked on this weekend. I have been admiring all the stenciling I have seen on all the blogs I follow and finally got the chance to do it myself. I bought the stencil I used at Cutting Edge Stencils. My oldest daughter picked this one for her room.

I really like the way it turned out. But I do have one tip to pass on. 
If you have textured walls (mine are an orange peel texture) latex paint and craft paint are very difficult to use. 
This is what happened when I used latex paint (no spray adhesive).

and here is my attempt with craft paint.

Grr! I was not a happy camper.  The paint didn't seem to want to stick to the surface and I had to keep applying more which made it seep under the stencil. 
I also tried a foam roller, a round sponge brush and a stencil brush. 
I went to Michael's to buy stencil paint, and apparently they don't carry it anymore!
I finally found it on Amazon, and that made a big difference. It's a cream consistency and was much easier to keep from seeping under the stencil. So stencil paint and a stencil brush was the right combo in the end.
I think next time I will use spray adhesive too. 

Next on the list a headboard for her bed. Most of the room has a modern feel to it,  all the furniture has straight lines. Any suggestions on a headboard?


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  1. It looks great, thanks for sharing the tip! BTW, I'm seeing this post twice.

  2. Oh my gosh it is gorgeous. Be sure to share it on the cutting edge facebook wall too. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.


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