Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bathroom Reveal

So although I am not completely finished with this bathroom, it is probably the most finished room in the house. The pictures aren't the greatest so please bare with me. Here is the before:

The paint was mauve. Not my favorite.


Update: I changed the towels and added the mirror above the towels.

Amazing what paint can do. This is Behr Brown Tepee and I love it. 
 More storage would be great in this bathroom, but for now it will do. I would like one of those cabinets that stands over the toilet. The mirror over the sink was a thrift store find for $5.00. I sprayed it with Oil rubbed bronze spray paint. The same goes for the little mirrors over the toilet. I also sprayed the light fixture and the towel bar with the same paint, as well as the shower curtain rod, which was already oil rubbed bronze but had started to rust. I used stuff I already had  except for the hand soap dispenser, which was $7 at Ross and the shower curtain which was from Target. I think it was $20. I know, I know, I hear your gasps! But, you know when you get to that point when you first move into a new place and everything is a mess, and you just want one room (the guest bathroom) to be nice? Yeah well that was the point I was at when I bought the shower curtain. Oh I almost forgot I did replace the door handle because it was mismatched and the light switch to match everything else. I probably could have painted the white plastic light switch with ORB, but I liked the square shape of the new one. 

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