Thursday, November 10, 2011

Covered Light Switch

Hi Everybody!

I have a quick post about a great idea I found HERE. I knew this would be perfect for my daughter Natalie's room, and I had left over fabric that I wanted to use. So instead of paper I used what I had. It's pretty self explanatory. Here is my version.
and here it is in her room

So basically I cut out a piece of fabric bigger than the switch plate and coverd the plate in Mod Podge.
I also cut out a hole in the center for the switch. After applying the Mod Podge to the plate, I laid the fabric on the plate and smoothed it down. I then glued the edges down on the back.

I then added the Mod Podge (using a small foam brush) over the top of the fabric all over. That's it! Now I need to do all the other plates in her room. Thanks for stopping by!


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