Sunday, January 29, 2012

Front Door Face Lift

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend. I finally started and finished my front door face lift. It was old and beat up and it desperately needed a fresh coat of paint and some updating. My boyfriend did some painting on the fence a few weeks ago and I took the opportunity to snap some before pictures while we were out there cleaning the yard. Here is the finished result.

It may not look like much but to me it is a big difference. Here are some before pictures.

See? Ugly screen door, old doorbell, and the fence looks awful...

Here is a close up of the door before. 

The color I chose is slightly darker and more in the brown family than off white. Can you see how beat up the side of the door looks? 

Here is the inside of the door. 

I had to remove that doorbell, it was really bugging me especially because it looked all yellow from age, but then I was left with a nice big hole. 

So I painted the inside of the door also. It's a creamy white called Innocent by Behr and I am going to paint the base boards and the rest of the trim in the house with it. I bought a door knocker that covered the hole on the outside but I had to get creative with covering the hole on the inside. This is my temporary solution. 

I bought a new lock for the bottom and spray painted my silver deadbolt. 
My girls aren't fans of the thing on the inside of the door, but like I said until I can come up with something else it is staying.  I don't think it is sooo bad.

Here is the outside again. 

Eventually I will buy a new screen door so that we can leave the door open during the summer. 

This project took me all day! I used two coats of primer and two coats of paint on the outside and one coat of primer and paint on the inside. It was worth it though I am happy with the result. 


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  1. Hi Amy! What a great idea. Your entry looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

  2. I like your entry! It's all spiffed up... just shows you, a little lipstick; can make anything look good!

  3. That looks great! Much better then before :-). Thanks for coming to visit my blog, i am your newest follower and would be honored if you would like to follow back. no hard feelings if not :-)


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